Friday, April 6, 2007

Yes I am still here (and I am not leaving)

Hola Amigos!!

Sorry I have been quiet for the past few days, but it has been suggested to me that I keep a low profile. The good new is that MI JEFE CALLED ME!! Well, not him exactly, but his lawyers, media trainers, and that pendejo KR (I am really getting to dislike that guy) have been calling. They said I should just keep quiet. Fine by me. I don't like the media.

The good news is that I am still confident that I will remain AG. After all, I do what El Jefe and his advisers say, read the talking points they give me in front the cameras. Who could ask for a better employee??

I admit I came off a little confused during that NBC interview a few weeks ago. Afterwards, I called the White House...oops, I mean WH (wink, wink) and asked, "Exactly why did I fire these guys?" How funny is that???

People think that my statements so far imply guilt. The truth is that I just can't remember everything they tell me to say!!! It is tough. KR tells me to get rid of people. I do. He says, "memorize this and repeat on your next interview," and I do. What do they expect of me?

Just a few days until my big meeting on April 17th!!! Thank you for your words of support. I figure if I just keep being loyal to El Jefe, he will not let me down.

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