Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hola Amigos!!! I've decided to start blogging again. Truth be told, when I stopped it last time it was because I thought I wouldn't have my job much longer. Guess what?!!! I am not going anywhere!!! No way Jose!! To quote Yakoff Smirnoff, one of the greatest comedians EVER. "Whatta country!"

Did you see me on the news tonight? I had another one of those "meetings". I was wearing my lucky red tie! (its an inside joke between me an El Jefe).

Regular readers will know that I used to be nervous about these visits, but now they just take time away from my job. Why don't they just give up and realize that I am here to stay.

My favorite question was whether I would pursue an order of contempt against some friends of mine for failing to appear. I just pulled out the old legalize and "recused" myself from the question. (I love that word. One of my staffers just taught it to me). I mean really, what do they expect me to do-arrest my friends? Riiiiight. I kidded a certain "H.M" that I expect a mucho bueno Christmas gift this year!!

I have the best job ever.

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