Wednesday, August 1, 2007

An Early Birthday Gift for Mii!!!

Hola Amigos. My birthday is coming up on August 4th. Mi Jefe invited me over to Casa Blanca and surprised me with an early present. It is a Nintendo Wii!!! I have NO idea how he managed to find one, but I guess that is why he is El Jefe!!

He is so great. I haven't been feeling very good about myself lately and I have a lot of spare time since I don't get invited to all the meetings anymore, so he probably figured this would cheer me up. He was right!! This is the most excellent game ever. Much better than the old game of Pong I used to play when I was a bambino.

You can even create characters that look like you. Unfortunately, they don't have an option for red ties. The only bummer was that Karl showed up and we had to include him. From left to right, above you see me (or should I say "Mii" lol, Jefe, and Karl). It was Jefe's idea to put the bars in front of my eyes. He is so funny.

So first Jefe and I decided to box each other. Can you imagine that? Like would ever hit him. As you can guess, he won. Then Karl and I played Wii Tennis. It was fun for a while, but then KARL STARTED CHEATING! He kept bumping into me. When I complained, he told me to "stop whining." Fortunately, Jefe came to my defense and said "Karl, let it go. It is Gonzo's birthday." He's always got my back.

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