Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What to wear, what to wear?!?

Okay, I got a big day coming up. I am going to be seen by lots of people. Some of them it seems don't like me. I already got my lucky suit pressed, now comes the all important decision of deciding what neck tie to wear. It is not an easy choice. Neck ties have a special meaning to me.

When my friend the Comandante en Jefe gave me the job, I wore my red Harvard tie to needle him (he is a Yalie). The picture is above. FYI-in order to conceal our identities, I've tried to use the neat program called MS Paint to put those little bars in front of our eyes. I am still trying to get the hang of it.

He kiddingly gave me a hard time and ties became something of a joke between us. A few weeks later when we spoke together again, we called each other the night before and agreed to wear the same tie. How cool is that? This guy is the best boss.

When we spoke together again a few months later, it was my turn. That morning, I had a couple of guys who work for a division of my "company" interview my boss' butler to find out what color neck tie he was going to wear. This is the best part. My guys served him with a National Security Letter, which means if he let my boss in on the joke, we could send him to jail! I love my job.

So anyway, Jefe shows up and there I am wearing the same blue neck tie as he is!. I also wore a fake mustache to give him an extra chuckle. (Neat. I just discovered that you can make those little bars lots of different colors. I'm getting better at it, don't you think?)

For some reason, Jefe hasn't met with me in person in a long time. That is okay. He is an important man and I know he is busy. The ties have become something of a little signal between the two of us. Whenever I see him on TV with a blue tie, I know he is saying to me. "I support you amigo." Whenever I wear a red tie on television, it is my way of saying "Right back at you, Jefe."


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